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03 August 2006 @ 04:27 pm
Everything is (still) up except the fanfics. Does anyone know how to password protect the NC-17 fics? If you do know how to do that, it would be very, very helpful to me and speed up the process of getting all the fics lined up.

In other news, Puppy Love has now been moved to its new host at http://puppylove.gillyweed.org! It's ready to be open to the public now. Please tell everyone you can!
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31 July 2006 @ 02:48 pm
Everything except "Fanfics" is up now! I've been working very long hours these past few days to ensure all sections are up before I lose internet connection for 3 weeks or so. So enjoy! I'm working on getting permission to host fics and trying to figure out how to password protect NC-17 fics (does anyone here know how?), so fanfics will take longer than expected.

Also, I'm waiting for Ava to get back to me with FTP information so I can move PL to the new subdomain at puppylove.gillyweed.org, but for now it's still at my college website.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything (see the "Submit" section)!
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28 July 2006 @ 07:55 pm
The main layout is complete except I need to tweak my .css file to get the links right (I just want a color change when the mouse is hovering but I haven't gotten around to it yet).

"Links" is up and complete.

All parts of "About" are up and complete.

"Scanlations" is up, but no content yet.

"Fanfics" is up, but no content yet.

"Goodies" is up, but no content yet.

"Submit" is up and complete.
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24 July 2006 @ 11:14 pm

I know it's been two long years since Puppy Love was taken down after a series of unfortunate events (haha), but it is finally going to all be put back up! That's right, folks, after completing a massive revamp I will be moving PL onto a new domain and it will then be opened to the public. I will, of course, need some help with pimpage once it's open ;) So get ready, get set... and GO (soon)!
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28 September 2004 @ 11:41 pm
Alright, I'm all settled in London. I've got many fics, lyrics, and pictures to add, but that'll have to wait a little while because school is killing me.

Actual Update : Puppy Love has been completely moved to a new host! No more Geocities (yay)! If you need to go to PL, please go to http://puppylove.popullus.net :)
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21 August 2004 @ 03:59 pm
No more updates for while because in 3 hours I will be on a plane to London, where I will be living for 2-3 years. Until we move into our flat, find an internet company, and get it set up it may be quite a while before I will be able to update Puppy Love. Don't let that stop anyone from sending stuff in, though! I would really like people to send in some SxR icons, Look Alikes, Obsessions, and role-play groups.

Good luck with school and life, my lovely little puppy-fans ;)
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16 August 2004 @ 12:40 am
One new fic up. It has 4 parts, so it took just as long ._.

+ "Seven Years of Remus J. Lupin" by morien alexander
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14 August 2004 @ 08:31 pm
New fics added.

+ "Blame the Mistletoe" by kaylana

+ "The Christmas Sitcom" by morgan d.

+ "Bitter Chocolate" by seana

+ "Hot Chocolate" by seana

+ "Only I" by sirius angel black
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13 August 2004 @ 11:01 pm
3 more fics up!

+ "Should Have Been" by maple tide

+ "Red Handed" by mrs. ron weasley

+ "The Engagement Party" by mysid
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12 August 2004 @ 10:49 pm
rin - added a new lyrics ("When I Look to the Sky" by Train) and 7 new fanart pictures! Yay!

kohl - added several new fanfics :

"Gaining a Son" by mysid
"Famous Poofs of History" by mysid
"The Worst Possible Choice" by orithain and rina
"Not a Fairy Tale" by rynne

Hopefully more will be up tomorrow! My sister is taking over the laptop now. Arr.
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07 August 2004 @ 05:11 pm
Two new fanfics up, both by Mysid. Go check them out! :)
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07 August 2004 @ 11:17 am
C'mon people, help me relieve my boredom! Submit stuff! Or at least comment! I've been living in a hotel for over a week and I'm going crazy. I need something to put up! I'll be e-mailing fanfic authors today so I can start putting up the 50+ fanfics that are waiting for me in my inbox.
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06 August 2004 @ 07:33 pm
Still don't know what's up with this community's background picture. Oh well.

So, someone submitted several lyrics by Blackmore's Night and so, naturally, I downloaded them. They are great! If you been to a Renaissance Festival, well, that's the type of music. Or think Loreena McKennitt. Very, very beautiful.

I added a few more lyrics and someone else's versian of Sirius in the Look Alikes section. I think that's all I'm going to do today because I'm dead tired.
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05 August 2004 @ 01:44 pm
I got up many new lyrics last night! Yay!

The scanlations have begun! One has about 6 pages done (thanks to the lovely Zee) and a whole new doujinshi has been submitted. As of right now you can all look forward to at least 6 doujinshi!

Much love,


Edit : I don't know what's up with the background for this livejournal. I'll look into it later, no time now!
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04 August 2004 @ 05:44 pm
Ok, I'm going to go visit my cat soon because I won't get to see her but once a year after I move this weekend but after that I swear I'll try to update! I've got many, many fics to get up, some fanart, and several lyric submissions. I have a lot of photos to add to the goodies section too, but those are all on my two computers that are being shipped to London right now so you'll have to wait to see those. Aww :(
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